Mils Accessories is a new brand that is revolutionising the market in accessories and presbiopic lenses, uniting glamour and function in a designer accessory that turns into glasses with a flick of the wrist. This brand presents a new concept in eyewear based on the elegance of a chic accessory. The concept is simple: The use of glasses for presbyopia doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or unsightly. Forget about looking for your glasses in your bag every time you want to check the price of something in a shop, read the menu in a restaurant or consult a document in a business meeting. With Flippan’Look all you need to do is pick up your pendant, open it and look. This exceptional product uses a pair of magnifying lenses that are practical as well as sophisticated. Our pendant lenses are designed with the 21st century man and woman in mind. They are the perfect everyday accessory and they are ideal as an exclusive personalized gift, a promotional freebie or a company present.

Our Design