Mils Story

Mils Start at 2010 one day...
when our designer start to handmade our eyewear "Absolute-Vintage", we trying to use the surplus materials to create a bracelet............

Mils Using cellulose acetate, a plastic material traditionally used in the production of spectacles and sunglasses, to create very unique and sophisticated aesthetic effects accessories . Made for the people who wants something unique, extra special, and attention to detail. All accessories which 70% acetate are collect from factory excess stock and surplus material.


Mils handmade bracelet collections encompass different themes every season and nostalgic quality is a consistent feature. The designers get their inspiration by the beautiful features of unique pattern acetate. Carefully chosen materials and creative processes cannot be rushed in order to making it absolutely unique and desirable. All mils traditional bracelet are handmade by our designer directly, so the finishing and stylish are perfect match to our design.



Designers seeking inspiration from the vintage optical to and put those vintage elements on the Mils’s fashion magnifying glass. This unusual magnifying glass is made of acetate that with the pattern of mother of pearl.Use it to inspect small insects, fine fabrics, and secret messages written in tiny print. Also, not that you need fashion advice, but this is a much better choice than wearing a monocle.